Change to Timings of the Scottish Championships - Cowal Highland Gathering
25th - 27th August 2022


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Change to Timings of the Scottish Championships

Please note that we have just received the running order for the Scottish Championships on the Friday.

Unfortunately due to the number of dancers in the 12yr and 13yr age groups it has been necesarry to change the timings of these competitions.

The 8yr, 9yr, 10yr and 11yr competitions will still take place on the East Platforms but will move from the morning to the afternoon, starting at 1.15pm.

The 12yr and 13yr competitions will move from the afternoon to the morning and will start at 9.00am, still on the East platforms.

We have tried to contact everyone who has either morning only or afternoon only tickets for the East Stand in order to arrange to swap your tickets over so you have seats for the correct times. However if you have not heard from us and wish to swap your tickets please contact the Gathering Office by e-mail or by calling 01369 703206.

If you have seats for the whole day there is no requirement to swap your tickets but please do note the change in time of the competitions.

We apologise for the late change to these events but it was necesarry to ensure the competitions run to time.

Please note there is no change to the competition times for the events on the main platforms.