Cowal Highland Gathering - Heavy Athletics
25th - 27th August 2022

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Heavy Athletics

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Heavy Athletics

Sponsored by Scottish Salmon Company.

Watching the ‘heavies’ battle it out for the coveted Cowal Championship is an awe-inspiring spectacle. Cowal attracts the world’s top heavy athletes – men and women – so you’ll witness some incredible feats. From tossing the caber to shot-putting the famous 34lbs-Cowal Stone, throwing the 16lb Scottish hammer to the 56lb weight for height, the heavy athletes thrill the crowd with their strength and skills.

The caber toss is the last event to take place on the Saturday and is always an entertaining nail-biter. And if there’s time, some athletes try their luck with the giant ‘Tilhill’ caber – one of the biggest cabers on the circuit and a mighty challenge for even these athletes.

Heavy athletics is steeped in Highland history, and it’s fantastic to witness these traditional sports in action.

The international rivalry continues with the team competition. Who will triumph? Iceland, Scotland or Germany?